Gearing Up Right for your Workout

Gearing Up Right for your Workout Before hitting the gym or plunging straight into your favorite sporting activity the next time, scrutinize yourself in the mirror. Are you dressing right?
Most sport enthusiasts take great pains to choose the right footwear for their sporting activity. Unfortunately, few would subject their attire to as much scrutiny.

Did you know that your workout attire can either help or hinder you during your workout? In fact, gearing up correctly is essential to maximize performance and enjoyment of your workout. After all, after a grueling workout, you ought to be overwhelmed with the natural boost of endorphins, and not overwhelmed by perspiration and odor!

The Right Performance Properties

To keep cool, dry and comfortable throughout your workout, choose attire that has moisture-management properties to draw perspiration away from your body and reduce odor. Perspiration not wicked away from your body during exercise could make you highly uncomfortable, while a garment soaked with perspiration could weigh you down and slow you down. In particular, long distance runners could benefit from running gear with moisture management features, which would keep the body dry and thus lower the chances of chaffing.

We know that working out has its fair share of pitfalls if one is not mindful. One of the least expected pitfalls is probably the fact that garments laden with perspiration can be the perfect breeding ground for odor-causing microbes! Fortunately, established active wear brands such as Bods.Bodynits invest in technology including antimicrobial treatments, which kills bacteria and eliminates odor. Anti-microbial technology such as X-static also offer the added functions such as thermodynamic (temperature regulation) and is anti-static.

In addition, opt for lightweight materials which generally offer more comfort and ease in movement. In particular, lightweight attire could keep runners cool and lower risks of dehydration and overheating, and hence improve your performance. In addition, features including breathable/ air-permeable fabric also keep you cool by promoting ventilation and heat transfer while eliminating odor.

Other properties are present in some garments for enhanced protection and safety during specific usage. For instance, UV protection is built into swimwear fabric to reduce skin damage from harmful UV rays. Other functional properties include reflective strips/elements for low-light visibility and enhanced safety during running or cycling in low visibility situations.

“No Pain No Gain” is a common mantra among sportsmen, but painful abrasions should never be part of your exercise regime. Marathon runners, long-distance cyclists and those involved in vigorous exercises should opt for garments that are stitched together with flat lock seams using soft touch thread, and those with strategically placed ergonomic seams. Such garments feel smoother against the skin and minimize abrasion.


The Right Fit

Although some people may view baggy attire as synonymous with comfort, form-fitted clothes can in fact be comfortable while offering a good level of support. Form fitted clothes are not necessarily skin-tight, but rather, align with the contours of your body to enhance mobility without the bulk of excess fabric. Semi-fitted apparels are alternative options if more ease is preferred. If you are engaging in activities such as yoga, pilates, aerobics or dance, it is especially helpful to be able to see from the contours of your body to ensure that your poses, forms and moves are spot on.

Those engaged in yoga and pilates should opt for clothes that are designed for movement, in other words, made to stretch and bend with you. You may often have to get into odd positions, so it is essential that your clothing be comfortable and allow mobility, keeping in mind the physical movements that are involved. When trying on a garment, move your body in different positions to determine ease of movement and comfort.

Runners should also look for running shorts which feel comfortable and allow maximum mobility, such as shorts with split leg construction. To prevent chaffing on your inner thighs, tights could be a good alternative to shorts. Generally, garment openings like necklines, armholes and waist bands should also sit flat on your body with minimal protrusions to prevent abrasion.

One of the most essential garments for women engaged in sports is a sports bra which fits well. Especially while engaging in running or high-impact sports, this is essential for maximum support and comfort. A good sports bra will go a long way for female runners, in particular, who are more prone to stretching of the Coopers ligament, which prevents the breasts from sagging.

The Right Look

Last but not least, on the path to looking and feeling good, you should look good too! Pick out garments that flatter your body so that you will feel good within and without. Some active wear brands feature garments such as “tummy tuck” exercise pants and slim, flattering fitted garments which hug without squeezing, which are more forgiving on the figure. Beyond investing in functional design, these established active wear brands pay a great deal of attention to design details to ensure that the apparel fits well against your body and has aesthetic appeal.

Check out active wear ranges in the latest styles and colors that could give your exercise regime that extra boost. Against proverbial saying, flattery does take you to places. You will be surprised how feeling good about your look could go a long way to help you stay motivated and confident, and even improve your performance!

About Bods.Bodynits
Bods.Bodynits is a homegrown brand under the Bodynits Group. Established in 1984, the group has since grown into a global player in contract manufacturing of active wear for brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Everlast and Under Armour.

Synonymous with active living, Bods.Bodynits is the specialist sports brand that offers ladies’ and men’s performance and active wear. It is developed for a wide range of active routines such as yoga, pilates, aerobics, gym, athletics, swimming, running, cycling and dancing.

Its collections of performance gym and swim wear are designed not only for comfort and fit, but are also constantly updated in the season’s latest colours and styles. In fact, Cleo magazine once featured the Bodynits bikini for nailing the cut of the bikini so well that “every body shape is flattered; every pair of legs accentuated, and every derriere perked up”.